The Days Gone By

Did you ever hear of the days gone past? Oh the strife and the glory, shall we ever live up to those who came before? Yes, we shall, and we will surpass their every dream, but perhaps in ways they did not expect, for despite the unlimited reach of the human imagination, mystery forever envelops our existence. Fear not stagnation, for progress drives the human heart, but challenge the voice in your head that fears the change; it is the reason for failure. Weigh your choices, find the right path. Sometimes the path will lead to change, other times, it will seem to go in circles. That you can see which is right will not be certain, but the  best we can do is to learn along the way. 


Inspiration Revisited (again, with feeling!) 

I spoke recently with a friend of mine about my post on inspiration, and our discussion illuminated seem ideas that I had previously missed. I them forgot to write for a few days, and also most of our conversation. Tonight, I watched the Academy Awards and it renewed my thoughts on inspiration, and also reminded me of my earlier discussion. 

Tonight, I watched as some of the most famous people in the world fumbled their way through heartfelt acceptances and gracious thanks, recounting their inspirations and them meeting their heroes. 

Much of the world is uninspired. We sit around day to day and do our work, pay our bills, and maybe enjoy something every so often. Wouldn’t it be more ideal that we throw our entire being into something we love, something we are passionate about? I recognize, of course, that this is impossible in our society today (that’s not how capitalism works), but I still think it is possible to dedicate ourselves fully for one day per week, for while we are uninspired people, we may still find surges of inspiration. I do not believe that most people would immediately be able to recount their inspirations off hand. I may be wrong about this, but I think inspiration comes more from the moment and reflection, and that if someone was asked, during one of their daily tasks, what their inspiration is, they would not get an immediate answer. As the actors at the awards spoke of their inspirations, I wondered how long it took them to realize that these were, in fact, their inspirations, and not just things they enjoyed. I wonder whether there’s a difference. 

If you think I’m wrong about any of this, or if you have suggestions on how to find that inspiration, or even if you just want to say hey or have a conversation, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message by carrier seagull.

Until next time, keep your spirits bright and spread your joy. 


52 Pages, 52 Possibilities

I was recently gifted a small leather book devoid of content, emblazoned across the bottom right corner with my initials. I personally think it was am excellent gift, as a personalized, inexpensive, and useful item. That being said, I have yet to find a use for it, and it was given to me shortly after Christmas. So, after my short absence, I would like to use my new blog to ask for suggestions as to its use. 

The booklet consists of 52 sheets (104 potential pages). I have considered, so far, defining 50-52 ideas I have (or that I would collect from suggestions) of the world as it is; drawing a weekly picture for a year; and writing a one-page story each week for a year. I will gladly read and consider any suggestion, and will compile suggestions I receive in a later post. 
That’s all for today. 

Fair winds to you all. 


Passion’s Pledge is your own Pledge to your Passion

I have often tossed around the idea of becoming a film actor. It is one of the few recurring career ideas I have. The idea doesn’t usually stick around very long, but it returns in full vigor whenever I watch certain films, such as those in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I am watching the Fellowship of the Ring as I write, hence the inspiration). 

Whenever I see a film that is made particularly well, or seems like lots of fun to make, I feel a longing got being part of that experience. After a few days, the feeling usually falls to the wayside due to a hectic schedule, yjihh there have been instances when the feeling lasts for much longer– months, even. I realize, also, that the opportunities for becoming a successful actor do not readily present themselves, especially to one with little–to-no recent experience with acting. I have contemplated spontaneously auditioning with some group arriving in town (Cincinnati, after all, has been quite popular with Independent Films of late), but I never do, citing to myself my own inexperience as a reason. I still do not know whether it is a valid reason. 

I think everyone relates to this in some way. There are always experiences that seem out of reach due to background, experience, etc. Personally, these restrictions help me, to a point. I suffer from extreme indecision. These restrictions help me to narrow my options, and with fewer options, I can more easily make a decision. Don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t do something just because it’s a but harder. Certainly, there are still many paths to take, and even those with restrictions are not impassable, but they give me the perspective to observe whether I care enough about that path to put the extra work in to get to the waterfall at the end (because all paths lead to waterfalls, in my experience). 

I have seen success and failure in various areas simply due to the amount of work put into a goal. A good friend of mine recently discovered a passion for photography, and,  despite his barren past when it comes to art and photography, he is succeeding thus far in his efforts to become a photographer. Another friend of mine decided recently to change his path to biochemistry, despite his inexperience with most sciences because he wants to work with animals. He has struggled to keep up with his coursework because he doesn’t want to put the work in to really learn the subjects. If he spent more time studying and learning and practicing, he would undoubtedly master them. He is a brilliant person who has immense potential, but he is too used to not putting work in and succeeding in other courses, so he doesn’t know how to apply the effort. I am attempting to help him develop his learning skills, but I fear he does not have enough interest in the work despite his passion for the end goal. 

If you take anything away from this rambling, let it be this: if you have a passion, commit yourself to it fully. If you can’t, it may not truly be a passion, and you may need to look elsewhere. 

This lesson is more something I’m trying to convince myself of than anything, which is why it’s so insistent. I have yet to push myself in pursuit of any goal. I have been described recently as multi-talented, which I find flattering, but I have yet to turn one of those talents into a skill. Demonstrating my talent has been easy my entire life, and it has impressed people enough that I have been satisfied. Recently I have found myself dissatisfied, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not impressed by talent anymore, but with skill, and that to achieve happiness, I need to hone my skills into something useful for longer than a week of pursuit. 

I hope you gained something from my desperate attempt to gain a foothold on my own aspirations. 

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, large and small. 


Untitled because of a lack of inspiration 

Inspiration is often hard to come by. Not everyone feels this way, but I think most would agree. In my search for a writing topic today (amongst my work and exhaustion), I struggled to uncover a topic I felt like writing more than 2 sentences Bout. In my disappointment, I realized that I could, in fact, wir about the search for inspiration. I will admit that I chose this subject partly out of laziness; I didn’t want to try and remember some short conversation I had that concealed some slight meaning. But sometimes inspiration must come from some seemingly insignificant source.

I have a dear friend who finds inspiration so readily, I often wonder at her ability to conjure ideas from basically nothing. I have asked her where she finds these ideas, but she always tells me they just come to her, and she writes then down. I understand this to a point. I have had times when inspiration struck suddenly, but these are few and far between. I think this gift of inspiration is among the most valuable one can be bestowed with. Inspiration, after all, is the spark of greatness.

When I think of great works, I can’t help but ponder the source. Creativity is limited to tropes and epiphany. We rely on things we have seen or heard for most of our creations, but on occasion we can add our own insight that stems only from our imagination. Some of the greatest works of art are just images of the world as it is. The world is a blank canvas, and some people can fill it with bowls of fruit and pools of water and make it beautiful, while others will sit and languish, not wanting to waste their allotment, yet not using any of their potential, waiting for the perfect rainbow that will never come.

I suggest that we seek out our own inspiration rather than waiting for opportunity to knock. Find the beauty around us and use it to make more, for duplication of nature teaches the skills needed to succeed in your art. Whether you survive on your creations or you live because of them, they are important in the sustainability of the world, and the nurturing of society.

I have no more thoughts on the matter, and I apologize if this seems frazzled and disorganized. It was written as such on a brain which is too tired for this activity and which had no real reason for writing other than because I said I was going to.

In conclusion, et saritus a tarano.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how my brain works when it’s forced to crank out some bs with no prompt.

Many thanks to those who have supported me so far, and even more thanks to those who continue to do so in the future. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even tried to write today.

In actual conclusion, I don’t know Latin and I just made that up earlier like a Medieval priest. I hope you get to eat pasta soon, and I hope you find purpose in your life, if you haven’t already. If you have, I hope you never lose that sense.

Goodbye for now.


Misplaced Misanthropy

I apologize to anyone who actually thought I’d stick with this blog idea in full right away, but here I am on day 3 with post number 2!

Ny thoughts today have roamed for and wide, but based on an interaction I had with a co-worker I have decided to write about the commonly misplaced notion of misanthropy. 

Throughout my life, I have heard many people from all walks of life declare with resigned certainty, “I hate people.” I would like to address some ways this is a false idea and a dangerous misconception. Due to the nature of language and humanity, we are prone to exaggerations so bold as this, and I understand that, even if you read this and whole-heartedly agree, you will likely still utter this phrase at some point. Hopefully, though, if this is the case, you will correct yourself afterward.

 Let me first suggest the common truth behind the phrase. Certainly, there are some actual misanthropes in this world. For the most part, people do not in fact hate other people as a general rule. Typically, as I see the phrase spoken, the true intent is to explain some displeasure with a person’s immediate actions. When this is the case, I would agree if you said you don’t like that tendency or behavior, but to use a few examples to create the rule that you hate (hate here meaning “permanent and consuming dislike as a general rule with few exceptions”) seems to be injustice. When you decide, then, that you hate people, reflect and attempt to find the source of your displeasure with the interaction you just had or witnessed. It will, more likely than not, be clear that, in a different setting, you would be enjoying the company of others rather than regretting it. 

My next point is that this is not an example of harmless misuse of words. The frequency with which I hear “I hate people,” along with the growing emphasis on negative things happening in the world, has prompted some to complete shirk their societal roles except when it only benefits themselves, citing their supposed hatred of people as the cause. Pair with this the impressionability of the young people who also hear these claims, often daily, from those they look up to, as well as the diminishing roles of community based activities and groups in favor of Internet communities/conversations and small groups of friends (to a big enough point to be evident), and you can see that it is a phrase that can cause, if nothing worse, societal apathy (here meaning the stagnance occurring from too few citizens caring about their fellows). 

Really, I think, people would rather make this claim of false hated than admit the fact that they truly like people as a whole, but some behaviors upset them; and they would rather dwell on those, oftentimes, than to reflect and rejoice in community and the positive effect they can have therein. 

What I hope you’ll take away from this, is that the good things people do outweigh the bad things people do. I also hope that this is really the case for you, and that you are not so unfortunate such that the reverse be true. 

Love and peace be unto you and your brethren. I’ll talk to you next time. 



Hello Reader

Welcome to my blog! It may seem cliché, but I have decided I need a place to organize my thoughts; whether others read them or not, I plan to make them accessible, even if I lose all of my notebooks (likely), or forget them somewhere when I want to look through them (more likely), or if I want to try explaining something I once thought about but since forgot (less likely). 

I plan to post daily about whatever thoughy and/or thoughts plague my mind that day, as well as weekly with larger topics which I will think about more in depth and plan out. The schedule of these posts will be as sporadic as my own schedule and thought-processes.

Heres hoping someone gains something from these glimpses into my mind, and that I actually stick with it. 

Thanks for visiting